The Great Escape

My escape from the mundane reality of 9 to 5 took place around 5 years ago. Fed up with the confines a traditional administration job in an office brought, and undoubtedly the miserable Scottish weather, I stumbled across a seasonal job in the Austrian Alps. As fate would have it, I was fortunate enough to be selected for such an opportunity after another candidate dropped out at the last minute, leaving my soon-to-be new boss in desperate need of an additional front of house member of staff. This ‘prestigious’ position was that of a Waitress/Housekeeper. At least scrubbing toilets and serving boiled eggs to wealthy snobs was surely better in the idyllic setting of the Austrian Alps, right!?

And so it was, I packed my bags and set off for 5 months living rigorously by the “work hard, play hard” philosophy together with 10 other young adults; we became a team, living and working together to run an English style Austrian Hotel. Shamefully intoxicated for the majority of the season, days were spent making the most of the perfectly groomed slopes and glorious sunshine before stumbling back to work, ready to serve dinner. For me, it was an experience unlike any other. A chance to embrace my new-found independence as an 18 year old, fortunately a far cry from the prying eyes of my parents back home. Little did I know at the time that this experience was to shape my future, for better or worse, I set off on a path of self-discovery amidst the Austrian Alps, living season to season with no great plan and motivated solely by the desire to escape the ordinary.  A “normal” life was not on the cards for me.


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